In the fairs we participate in, innovative products and services developed in the medical field are showcased. In this specialized area, seminars and panels are also organized to address current topics in the healthcare industry, additionally bringing together sector professionals to discuss the latest innovations in medical devices, medical supplies, and healthcare. With over 700 domestic and foreign companies and representatives from 25 countries participating in the fair, visitors encounter innovations in medical materials, devices, and technology. Moreover, discussions are held on the future vision of healthcare and digital health topics. With this comprehensive program, the aim is to provide valuable information to all participants involved in the medical device sector or interested in entering this field.

Our company actively participates in leading events in the medical sector. By attending events held in Germany, the UAE, Istanbul, and Africa, we strengthen our relationships with existing customers, meet new customers, and introduce our innovative medical equipment solutions to the world.

Thanks to the dedicated work of our production and design team, we manufacture stainless steel medical furniture, including user-friendly general operating room equipment, doctor handwashing units, anatomy and morgue units, medical cabinets, sinks, and transportation carts, all designed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals. These products constitute the main categories of our expertise.

We also want to highlight that our R&D department consistently develops innovative and user-centric solutions. By taking customer feedback into account, we continuously improve our products and integrate the latest technology. This approach enables us to offer products that provide higher performance and efficiency to our customers.

We take great pride in showcasing our high-tech products in these categories with user-friendly and ergonomic designs at trade fairs held worldwide. Our products are developed using the latest technology and designed to meet the needs of users. By participating in international fairs around the globe, we can introduce our products to a broader audience and successfully establish ourselves in the international market. These fairs are a great opportunity and source of pride for us. It is an important goal and mission for us to announce the quality and innovative designs of our products to the world. Therefore, we meticulously prepare for each fair and represent ourselves in the best possible way. The success of our products worldwide is a great source of motivation for us and propels us further.